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Recent work showcase

Here's some of the work Blackheath Locksmiths have undertaken for clients recently. If you have a specific requirement or would like a no-obligation quote, drop us a line on (020) 8852 1222.

Woodhill Primary School, Woolwich,
London SE18

Photo of Woodhill Primary School

Working with Mul-T-Lock (UK), Blackheath Locksmiths have upgraded the security system at Woodhill Primary School, by creating a bespoke master key solution to offer complete key control and ultimate peace of mind for all who attend.

Photo of Woodhill Primary School

"When Blackheath Locksmiths recommended a solution with the capability of just one unique master key, it sounded ideal. Now, only certain members of personnel have access to the master key and we are able to control access as and when needed.

"It also really helps with key control; by example, if teachers lose a key, they have to inform us so that can we request a copy from Blackheath Locksmiths who always respond quickly, as required. This all adds to increased efficiencies and more importantly peace of mind for the school today, and for years to come."

- James Ryan, Woodhill Primary School

Read the full article here (PDF)

St Matthew Academy, Lewisham,
London SE13

Photo of St Matthew Academy entrance

We have recently installed a Gege mastered system, tailored to suit the customer's requirements, throughout the entire school.

Installation included master and sub-master locks allowing restricted access, plus restricted keys.

Photo of St Matthew Academy

The system included the new Classroom Cylinders, a new Government requirement for classroom doors.

These cylinders prevent students from locking themselves inside the classroom. However, if a student or teacher is accidentally locked in the classroom they can turn the internal thumb turn to escape.

Photo of door within St Matthew Academy

St Saviour's R.C Primary School, Lewisham,
London SE13

Photo of St Saviour's R.C Primary School sign

In 2011 we installed a complete tailor made system throughout the school using the Mul-T-Lock locking system. This included all entrance and exit doors, as well as doors to the classrooms offices.

As a result the Head Teacher only requires one key to open every door in the school.

Photo of door within St Saviour's R.C Primary School

The Mul-T-Lock system was specially designed with the caretaker in mind. Previously he had over seventy keys to access various areas of the school. He now has only one!

This tailor-made system included padlocks, gate locks, classroom locks and office door locks.